Breast Cancer Journal

Best Selling Breast Cancer Survivor Journal by Marenda Taylor. This new edition is larger in size (8.5 x 11) with lines for more writing space and now available in a spiral notebook or paperback format.

Dealing with the raw emotions and feelings that come up while facing breast cancer, recovering from breast cancer, and even during life after breast cancer can be like walking through a minefield. You never know what might TRIGGER you or set you off.

I spent many days in various therapies. I found that Writing for Wellness empowered me to face & deal with my complex feelings & emotions. The stuff I buried deep inside… The things I didn’t want to say or talk about. Writing THOSE things hurt. However, I also experienced a release & healing in the process. It’s why I created Fight Like a Grown Ass Woman Inspirational Interactive Healing Journal for Women Battling Breast Cancer. We have to be willing to “do the work” to heal.

A breast cancer diagnosis is by far one of the most traumatic and stressful circumstances that any woman can face. This interactive journal created by a breast cancer survivor for breast cancer survivors uses writing therapy to help reduce stress, lower anxiety, decrease negative emotions, maintain a positive attitude while inspiring you to live your best life. You will tap into reservoirs of strength you didn’t know you had, unleashing your pink-gloved inner champion. Each exercise in this journal is designed to stimulate your fighting spirit while triggering your body’s natural healing process. With each exercise within this journal, the light in you will shine brighter as your soul stirs. Upon reaching the end of this journal you will have written YOUR OWN STORY, ready to share with others (if you so choose) or keep as a memoir to empower your own internal strength. Start writing, start healing.

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“Marenda Taylor has captured the spirit of the fight in this beautiful book, meant to gently guide you from a perspective of one who has been there and won the battle beautifully!!!!” ~Lynde Hartman, Breast Cancer Survivor

“I recommend every woman use this journal to capture and connect to their deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Use it as a guide to design the life you know you  were destined to have and then Fight Like A Grown Ass Woman for it!” ~Myla Rahman, Breast Cancer Survivor—  LaShonda, Breast Cancer Survivor

“I love this journal! Not everyone is comfortable talking about their feelings. This is a great tool for self reflection. When you are battling an illness you don’t need a pity party. You need to be empowered and motivated, this journal does that for you! It gives you the tools to “Fight Like a Grown Ass Woman!”~LaShonda Parker, Breast Cancer Survivor

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